Normandy Woodburner & Chimney Sweep Services

Normandy Woodburner & Chimney Sweep Services

Normandy Gite Services have fully registered and insured Woodburner & Stove installers and Chimney Sweeping services working as partners with us here at Normandy Woodburner & Chimney Sweep Services.

Covering Manche & Western Calvados chimney sweeping in France has historically been undertaken by local roofers but as regulations have increasingly been tightened so have the expectations of the requirements on House Owners and companies.

Normandy Gite Services clients need to have their chimney and or Woodburner flu’s are swept annually to obtain a certificate from a properly qualified artisan to prove the work has been completed. Without this annual certification, your home insurance fire cover may be invalidated.

Normandy Gite Services installers & chimney sweeps are fully French-registered and insured

Our certified chimney sweep partners not only provide you a clean sweep but provide advice and recommendations for efficient use of your chimneys and burners and are available for regular contracts!

Normandy Gite Services installers & chimney sweeps are fully French-registered and insured, so you can relax, knowing that you have fulfilled your legal requirements and can provide your insurance company with a ‘Certificat de Ramonage’ if required.

Current French regulations state that a professional chimney sweep must be used for the annual chimney sweep, and they must supply a ‘Certificat de Ramonage’ on completion of the work.

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Eco-Friendly Products

We use eco-friendly products which are safe for your fosse septique and and for the natural water course and these are included as standard in our charges.Nu ECO 100% Natural

This supports you advertising your Normandy holiday property as an eco-friendly holiday accommodation which is an ever increasing attraction for Holiday property rental consideration

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