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Nu-Eco Air Freshener

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Nu-Eco Air Freshener is 100% natural and non-toxic. It uses natural citrus extracts to create a fresh scent.


The Nu-Eco Air Freshener is 100% natural and non-toxic.   It uses natural citrus extracts to create a fresh and pleasant scent.

This environmentally friendly, aerosol-free formula is created using a blend of orange oils, complemented by the earth tones of  vetiver root oil.  The handy pump-lid spray bottle is easy to use, and the spray contains no pollutants like aerosols or toxic gases.

Nu-Eco is dedicated to giving you a range of high-quality products that perform effectively, while still ensuring the safety of your planet and your family.

  • Contains no harmful aerosols
  • A sweet, light & pleasant natural “Citrus Twist” fragrance
  • Made with a blend of natural essential oils
  • Long-lasting, keeping your home smelling great for hours
  • Not tested on animals; BWC approved
  • Carbon emission friendly
  • Watercourse & septic tank friendly
  • Hypoallergenic, with a skin-neutral pH

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Nu-Eco Air Freshener: €3.95 for 300ml + p/p

1 review for Nu-Eco Air Freshener

  1. Rich

    Great Fragrance with easy dispenser. A must add to your home or workplace eco products 😉

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